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In light of  information that Wiener Wilderness just learned. We No Longer require a Spay/Neuter Contract before 12-18 month of age. Since Dachshunds are at risk of neck and back issues because of their short legs and long bodies. We want to help inform anyway we can and help the future of our fur-babies. Attached are links to information about IVDD and the link between spay & neutering to early. 

Puppies available will be sold as a Pet with Limited AKC Registration  or 

Full AKC Registration

is also available upon request, approval and with an extra fee

Contact us to see if we delivery to your house 

we delivery in a 200 mile radius

We do not intend to be nosy, rather we do our best, to place our "babies" in safe forever homes. 

When inquiring on a puppy/dog, please tell us a little about yourself, 

and provide the following information: 


* Are you interested in Limited Registration (pet, requiring spay/neuter contractor after 12-18 months of age or Full Registration (breeding)?

* Name of pup/dog you're inquiring about, or collar color

* Are you looking for a male or female?

* What color are you looking for?

* Do you have any other animals, how many

* Do you have young children, what ages?

* Do you have a fenced yard?


* please do not just send Inquiries that simply ask "how much"

* If interested in purchasing a puppy/dog, phone contact is required prior to

placing a deposit - this is for everyone's protection! 

Thank You for understanding!

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