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Dachshunds are born smooth coat will know by 3 wks of age if puppy is Long or Smooth Coat.


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No Puppies at the Time. Please check back Again

 Our home is our nursery, and every effort has been made to ensure the comfort of the moms and babies. All   litters are whelped in a climate controlled atmosphere, where the mom and babies can be monitored. Pups stay   with mom and until they are weaned by mamma. Then they begin their crate and potty training.


 Our moms are on a special enriched diet, approved by our veterinarians, before pregnancy, during, and after   babies arrive. In addition to her Dachshund Royal Canin adult and puppy food for extra calories, & Taste of the   wild, she is also supplemented with Goats milk, Greek yogurt, fresh eggs, & blueberries to help ensure happy healthy mom and pups. Much time and Love goes into each of our puppies so you are getting much more than a dog you are gaining a member of your family.



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